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Entrepreneurship makes the world go ‘round.

We help new businesses sprout to life.

Starting a business is liberating, invigorating and rewarding. But, the first steps require a clear understanding of how businesses are taxed. David York is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals establish themselves in the marketplace.

Freelancers, did you know that you can drop your self-employment tax by setting up an S Corp? Small business visionaries, do you know the difference between a corporation and an LLC? David York’s Tax Service will help you understand the tax implications of your options, and then help you file the necessary paperwork to become official.

Set up a business in three easy steps.


Contact David York’s Tax Service and provide us with general information pertaining to your business. We’ll discuss the options and decide which type of entity aligns best with your goals.


Preparing the paperwork for a business of any type usually takes roughly three weeks.


Once everything is ready, we’ll provide you with your EIN, statement of info and the other details you’ll need for your new business. You’re also welcome to contact us any time you have questions.


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Which entity should you create?

Most entrepreneurs start with some degree of uncertainty as to what type of business entity is best for them. We can help you evaluate the options, from S Corps and C Corps to partnerships and LLC’s.

Making it Official

When you’re in the midst of turning an idea into a business, it’s best to have a tax consultant onboard to handle the technicalities. David York’s Tax Service will fill out your paperwork, retrieve your Employer Identification Number (EIN), submit your statement of info, and manage any other tax-related aspects of incorporating your business.

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Is your business the next great success story?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, it all starts with paperwork, which our team is happy to complete on your behalf.

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