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Questions to Ask a Prospective Bookkeeper

What questions do you ask a bookkeeper

Questions to Ask a Prospective Bookkeeper

If you are too busy running your business, making plans and watching your step in the hectic and fiercely competitive business world to worry about bookkeeping, only one logical solution remains: hire a bookkeeping service in San Diego. But before you do, you should do your homework to find a bookkeeper who will do their job responsibly. Read on for the key questions to ask a prospective bookkeeper so you can be certain they are the right choice for your business.

What questions do you ask a bookkeeper?

In addition to being registered and qualified and in possession of the capacity to take over the full scope of bookkeeping you require, your prospective bookkeeper should be able to readily answer the following questions: 

  • Are you familiar with my business and industry?

While it may not be easy to find a bookkeeper who knows the ins and outs of your industry or be familiar with the specifics of bookkeeping for your line of work, it is important that the bookkeeper understands the basics and shows willingness to learn more about what bookkeeping for your business should entail. A competent bookkeeper understands there may be a learning curve and appreciates and embraces the learning opportunity.

  • How do you ensure effective communication with the client?

It is important that you have a bookkeeper who values your time and accepts to perform the full scope of bookkeeping tasks for your business on an ongoing basis. To do that, they need to ensure effective communication done on an as-needed basis. Delivery times and response times are a common complaint bookkeepers’ clients have. Make sure it does not happen to you. 

  • Who will handle my bookkeeping when you are away?

Ideally, your bookkeeper should be available whenever you need them, but this is not an ideal world and circumstances may arise which will prevent them from being there for you in your time of need. Ask them about their back-up plan when away and how they normally cater to their clients’ needs in emergency situations. What quality control and internal review procedures will they have in place to make sure everything goes smoothly?

  • What measures will you take to protect my business?

The financial information you are sharing with a bookkeeper should be kept confidential. Your bookkeeper should put their best effort into protecting you from fraud and looking out for the common pitfalls on your behalf. Make sure you understand who will have access to your information and whether multiple people will be handling your bookkeeping or just one. 

  • Do you charge a flat or hourly rate?

Most bookkeepers charge a fixed rate, but some price their services by the hour, depending on service scope. You want to be clear on what the rate does and does not cover so you know exactly what you are paying for. 

  • Who will be responsible for keeping track of my data and files?

What should I ask my bookkeeperIt is important to read and understand your transaction records and financial statements. This will enable you to:

  • gain an understanding of the financial trends in your business
  • set up a clearly defined budget 
  • keep your cash flow under control
  • maximize tax deductions 
  • apply for a bank loan
  • plan your use of resources
  • make sound financial decisions for your business
  • understand the financial performance of your business

A bookkeeping service in San Diego you can depend on

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