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What Are the Benefits of S Corp Status?

What is S corporation status

What Are the Benefits of S Corp Status?

The attractive tax benefits of an S corp are usually the main reason why entrepreneurs choose this path. Technically, an S corp is a tax election, and a popular one at that, for reasons a simple comparison between the taxation of an S corp and other types of business can illustrate. But before you ask how to create an S corp in California, read on to find out why you should choose to have your small business taxed as an S corp. 

What is S corporation status?

In terms of taxes, there are several designations:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • C corporation
  • S corporation

An S corporation, short for small business corporation, is a business whose tax filing procedure is performed under S chapter of the US Internal Revenue Service

What does it take for a business to be designated as an S corp?

Not every business qualifies to become an S corp. Below is a list of the essential requirements for a business to be designated as an S corporation:

  • Register the business as a corporation
  • Shareholders must sign IRS 2553 form
  • Maximum number of shareholders is 100
  • All shareholders must be US citizens/permanent residents
  • All shareholders must be individuals with the exemption of estates, trusts and tax-exempt organizations
  • A single class of stock is allowed

When should I create an S Corp

When should I create an S Corp?

From a technical point of view, you can elect S corp status as long as your business meets the above requirements. You can then submit Form 2553: Election by a Small Business Corporation with the IRS. There is also a requirement concerning the deadline: you need to file Form 2553 2 months and 15 days after the tax year begins at the latest. 

Before the deadline starts to approach, consider any relevant factors and consult a tax specialist to decide whether establishing an S corp is your best course of action.

But you should choose the timing wisely so you can get the most out of the S corp status from a financial point of view. Namely, when filing under S chapter, you receive tax benefits on dividends alone. For this reason, it is financially justifiable to postpone the S election until it will really pay off to have the S corp tax designation. And that will happen when your business starts to generate more income.

What are the advantages of an S corporation?

The benefits of filing taxes under S chapter are the following:

  • Pass-through taxation
  • Simple conversion to C corp
  • Protection against liability for shareholders

With an S corp, you can avoid double taxation because the company designated as an S corp is not required to pay taxes on profits any longer. 

As far as the disadvantages of an S corp go, some limitations and restrictions do apply. For instance, the IRS demands the active owners of an S corp to pay themselves wages. The wages are taxed as regular payroll wages.

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Now that you know what the benefits of an S corp are for your small business, you might be wondering how to create an S corp in California. The answer is simple and straightforward: call David York’s Tax Service of San Diego! We will go above and beyond to make the process smooth, fast and as convenient as possible.