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Meticulously planned, flawlessly executed


IRS & State of California has extended the tax deadline until 11/16/23


Individual tax forms prepared and filed in a flash.

We’ll do your taxes and resolve any tax issues you may have with diligence and expertise, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Contact us any time during tax season or schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation.


Your business doesn’t stop for tax time. Let us do your taxes.

During tax season, we stand by your side every day of the week. Focus on your business and let us take over. We’ll focus on protecting your long-term interest. You are safe with us in your corner.


Build the business you envision. We’ll do the paperwork.

We offer the all-in-one solution to aspiring entrepreneurs. We’ll advise you on your best course of action, help you make the best choice of business entity, as well as prepare and finalize the process of business formation.

Meticulously planned, flawlessly executed

Owing to our long-standing reputation as the leading tax and business formation business, we have the experience to take on any challenge. Whether you need the leading LLC formation experts San Diego is proud to call its own or want to learn more about how to set up an S corp in California, we are the go-to place.


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Not a risk-taker? Neither are we.

We know that the key to business triumph is taking no chances and staying one step ahead of the competitors at all times. This can take a toll on you, especially if you’ve just launched your business. What you need is a dependable ally, a trusted team of professionals who will look after your interests, and this is what we offer. From delivering expert business incorporation services San Diego entrepreneurs cannot do without to providing comprehensive tax services in San Diego, we set the bar high.


At your service nationwide

Aside from business incorporation and tax preparation in San Diego, CA, and the rest of the state, you can rely on us nationwide. At your beck and call in every state, David York’s Tax Service can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. We will guide you and help you navigate the complex process of individual or business tax preparation and business entity formation.

Unwavering professionalism

Aside from business incorporation and tax preparation in San Diego, CA, and the rest of the state, you can rely on us nationwide. At your beck and call in every state, David York’s Tax Service can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. We will guide you and help you navigate the complex process of individual or business tax preparation and business entity formation.

Should You Hire A Tax Professional?

Our helpful team of experts is here for you from 7 AM to 10 PM. Our Enrolled Agent will represent you before the IRS, and the rest of our experienced team will work hard to help you stay on top of things. We will take care of the technicalities so you can stay fully committed to your business and the finer things in life. Let us be there for you.

It’s true! Even when considering their fee, you will still be able to actually save money if the tax professional manages to find a tax credit or deduction you might have previously missed.
Tax preparation and consulting services can help you avoid costly mistakes in terms of deductions and returns.
As a tax professional, any consultant working in a reputable tax service will be familiar with the numerous changes to the code implemented regularly.
If there any deductions you missed in the past, a tax professional can analyze and amend them.
A tax consultant in San Diego can help create an annual plan that can provide the best strategies and tax-saving opportunities.
According to the IRS, it takes around 20 hours to finish a tax return with deductions on average. Since time is money, it might be worth considering hiring an expert to help cut that time down significantly.
If you’ve tried doing your taxes, there’s a high chance you will have a lot of questions about the process. If you try to contact the IRS for clarification, you might end up on hold for a long time. On the other hand, a San Diego tax consultant can answer any inquiries and clear up any confusion.
If the IRS conducts an audit and catches you unprepared, you might end up in a very unpleasant situation. A San Diego tax service can help you avoid the unpleasant encounter by having an experienced and prepared professional near you.

What Does A Tax Preparer Do?

Tax preparers are professional consultants who are well versed in tax laws, practices and procedures involved in tax filing. A tax preparer will follow the guidelines issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that are frequently changed and updated. If you are unclear on these rules or confused about their implementation hiring a tax specialist is something you should consider.

You Should Consider Hiring A Tax Specialist If:

  • You have a limited amount of time to file your taxes,
  • You feel overwhelmed by the tax preparation process,
  • You don’t understand tax rules and implications,
  • Your tax situation is complicated

Entrepreneurs And The Self-Employed

People who own a small business, freelancers and consultants could all benefit from hiring a tax professional due to the fact that they have to deal with self-employment taxes. People who work multiple jobs or freelance in their spare time may have to pay special attention to these taxes along with the taxes on their regular salary.

However, there’s the added benefit of deductions and write-offs not many entrepreneurs are familiar with or know how to use to their advantage.

People Buying Or Selling A House

When buying or selling a home, there are lots of tax laws you have to deal with including capital gains and losses as well as deductions. If you are not sure on how to proceed in this situation, consider talking to a San Diego tax consultant.

People Selling Stocks Or Businesses

If you are preparing to sale a large asset such as company stocks, bonds, securities or similar investments, be prepared to deal with a capital asset transaction. The capital gain taxes intimidate a lot of people, but the process does not have to be a cause for alarm. In fact, capital transactions are taxed lower than an average income. However, handling these transactions can be complicated without a tax professional.

People Providing Financial Support

If you are providing financial support to someone, in most cases they count as a dependent. That means you can claim them on your taxes. There are exceptions preventing freeloading, such as supporting someone that is not your direct descendant. If you are not sure whether you can claim someone you support on your taxes, we recommend consulting a tax expert.

How To Find The Best Tax Preparer Near Me?

According to a Nerdwallet study conducted a couple of years ago, 38% of taxpayers nationwide rely on tax professionals to help with IRS related issues and questions. On average, 29% of those questioned are likely to hire a tax consultant.

Since the tax consultant has access to sensitive data including your bank accounts, income and marriage, you want to make sure you hire a reliable professional like David York’s Tax Service. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the best tax preparer near you.

Ask For Their Preparer Tax Identification Number

All tax experts are required by the IRS to have a PTIN or Preparer Tax Identification Number. The IRS requires the preparer to include their PTIN on your return, so this is the first place you should check.

Ask For Their Credentials

Since PTIN’s are fairly easy to obtain, ask for their credentials. A certified public agent or licensed attorney should have completed the Annual Filing Season program. This and similar programs require the preparers to study and take exams ensuring they are up to date with the latest regulations. You can check their credentials by using the IRS directory.

Compare The Fee They Charge

Any tax preparation and consulting services should have a fairly similar and standardized fee per hour. If the tax preparer is asking for a price much lower than the state average, they might be in it to scam you as having access to your sensitive files can give them an opportunity to cause serious financial damage.

Update on COVID-19 California Tax Extensions

Federal taxpayers are not required to submit a special request for the coronavirus tax deadline extension. But as a California state taxpayer, you may be wondering if you need to file a separate state tax extension. No need, as the FTB has made the extension automatic.


Field Office Public Counters across the state may be closed, but we are not. Although based in San Diego, we are at your service across the U.S. during this difficult and challenging time and going forward. Here at David York’s Tax Service, we offer help with the tax extension filing process to taxpayers across California and nationwide. We are also at your service for assistance in relation to payment plans and FTB collection activities.

Whether you have been personally affected by the coronavirus pandemic or not, we can offer our professional support and assistance. If you need tax extension assistance or have any related concerns, doubts or questions, give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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